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Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated development team model implies hiring a self-managed team that is dedicated to your project. Vertscend helps you reduce the costs and speed up development by offering services of its dedicated development teams proficient in Java.NETPythonPHPC++, and other techs.

Sufficient Control over the Project without the Burden of Team Management

We’ll provide an assembled team and take care of its integration, motivation and management, while you retain ownership over the whole project and control the overall project progress.

Why Choose Vertscend

  • 32 years in software development and IT consulting.
  • Over 3,000 successful projects.
  • 700 full-time employees on board, including certified IT consultants, technical architects, developers and QA specialists, account managers, PMs and BAs.
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists, Microsoft Certified Professional Developers, Microsoft Certified Professionals, AWS Certified SysOps Administrators, Red Hat Certified System Administrators, as well as Salesforce, Magento and ServiceNow-certified developers and ISTQB-certified testers on board.
  • Mature quality management system confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification allowing to implement projects that fully meet our customers’ quality, time, and budget expectations.
  • Guaranteed security of the customers’ data we access proved by ISO 27001 certificate.
  • 76% of our revenue coming from 1+ year-long customers including eBay, IBM, Baxter, NASA JPL, Nielsen, and more.

5 Reasons to Opt For the Dedicated Team Model

You can forget about the expensive recruitment process.

The cost of hiring a dedicated team is transparent, as you don’t have to worry about unpredictable expenses on selecting, vetting and assembling IT specialists in a team – we do that for you.

You benefit from quick and easy ramp-up.

You don’t have to adjust your processes to remote collaboration by yourself.

You keep full technical ownership of the project and get access to Vertscend expertise.

We share our company’s best practices and pass on all the project artifacts and knowledge accumulated in the project to your in-house team.

You control the results without spending time on daily management.

Here’s How It Looks in Real Life

During 4.5-year cooperation, the Customer, a global leader in image processing, ramped up its development capabilities with Vertscend help and has released 12 products (6 of them created entirely by Vertscend ) in just 3-4 months per product.

Want to Be Sure that a Dedicated Team Will Meet Your Requirements?

Our dedicated team can execute a test task before signing a contract.

Pick Your Service Model

Outsourcing all functions (PM, BA, development, QA, and up to user training)

Expand your capabilities with a dedicated team that handles an outsourced part of the project or the project pipeline end-to-end, while having all the deliverables and documentation shared with your team.

Outsourcing selected functions (PM, BA, development or QA)

Get a dedicated team only for the activities you choose and exclude activities that you want to carry out in-house or with another vendor to have the desired level of control over the project.

Selected Software Development Projects

Development of Mobile Video Streaming Apps for a TV Industry Leader

A success story of a long-term partnership that made the Customer one of the leading TV apps providers in the world, whose products are used by T-Mobile, Orange and other telecom industry leaders.

David Frenay, CEO, Emolytics

How a Dedicated Team Gives You a Competitive Edge?

Our dedicated team increases your development capabilities and streamlines the project. At the same time, you save up to 40% of the time on the project setup and reduce expenses on integration and management – and keep the project under your control.

Get High-Quality Software Delivered Faster

Request a consultation today to discuss how to speed up your software development project with Vertscend dedicated team.