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Software Development Services in Dallas

Software development with on-site vendor presence in Dallas includes pre-scheduled and ad-hoc meetings on project milestones. With 32-years in IT, ScienceSoft offers end-to-end software development services to enterprises, startups, and software product companies based or operating in Texas.

We provide full visibility into the development process through on-premises visits and daily communication.

Looking for a Local Vendor You Can Rely On?

ScienceSoft offers software development services to cover the lack of in-house resources, carry out and manage development projects of any scale. We ensure the transparency and productivity of our collaboration with on-site visits and a KPI-based contract.

What We Develop

Web Applications

Mobile Applications

Desktop Applications

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Why ScienceSoft

  • 32 years in software development.
  • HQ in McKinney, Texas.
  • Over 3,000 projects completed, including projects for Walmart, eBay, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Baxter, and IBM.
  • 700 full-time employees on board, including 450+ developers (50% are of the senior level), 25+ BAs and IT consultants, certified PMs and Scrum Masters, software architects, and QA consultants.
  • Mature DevOps culture, deep background in containerized environments, cloud computing, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).
  • Mature quality management system confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate that allows implementing projects in full alignment with the customers’ quality, time, and budget expectations.
  • Guaranteed security of the customers’ data we access proved by ISO 27001 certificate.
  • Skills in cutting-edge technologies:

Our Customers Talk

Benefits of Development with ScienceSoft

Sustainable software architecture

  • Enhanced application speed, scalability and reliability due to the microservices-based architecture, implementation of design patterns for high concurrency and separation of concerns (SoC).
  • Optimized development and maintenance expenses due to proven third-party components and public APIs, and reasonable cloud services use.

High software quality

  • Regular code reviews.
  • High coverage with unit tests.
  • Regular testing with optimal test coverage and documented test cases.
  • Automated testing on API and UI levels.
  • Integrated APM (application performance monitoring) to detect problems early and fix them fast.

Advanced development approaches

  • Agile development to deliver faster and within budget:
    • 80% of ScienceSoft’s projects are driven by the Scrum methodology (however, we are flexible to work with other methodologies and have an in-house PMO for efficient project management).
    • We deliver MVP in 2-3 months (or 4-6 months in case of leveraging innovative techs, e.g., IoT).
    • Releases every 2-6 weeks.
  • The DevOps approach with CI/CD to streamline software delivery and optimize the development budget.

FAQ: Collaboration with ScienceSoft

How is the collaboration set up?

We follow several stages:

  1. Business analysis.
  2. Discovery and design.
  3. Team’s onboarding.

All of them can be carried out on-site or remotely.

Stage 1. Business analysis

  • Analyzing initial business needs and software objectives.
  • Presenting a proposal with a high-level development plan and estimation.
  • Preparing SLA and signing the contract.

Stage 2. Discovery and design phase

  • In-depth analysis of software development needs.
  • Software solution consulting or idea productization consulting (optionally: UX and UI research, architecture design).

Stage 3. Team’s onboarding/integration into the project

  • Knowledge transfer to ScienceSoft’s development team (tech requirements, code repositories, infrastructure, test documentation, process descriptions, etc.)
  • Development process setup: CI/CD implementation (if needed), integration with development processes of your in-house team or other vendors’ teams.

When are on-site visits held?

Our BAs and PMs are available for pre-scheduled and ad-hoc meetings in Dallas during the whole duration of the project. Software engineers are available for pre-scheduled meetings at the project stages agreed upon in each particular case.

Apart from the on-site presence, we provide regular reporting on development and QA and assign a dedicated PM for daily remote collaboration on any project aspects.

How can I ensure that outsourcing development to ScienceSoft is the right choice?

  • We can conduct a non-binding feasibility study to compare the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of in-house and outsourced development for your project.
  • Our developers can execute a test task before we sign a contract, so you can make sure their skills match your requirements.

Technologies & Tools We Use



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Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.



Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.



Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

Relational databases / data storages

Relational databases / data storages

Big data

Big data

Machine learning

Machine learning











Test automation tools

Test automation tools



Featured Development & Consulting Projects

Development of an Azure-Based Software Product for vCIO Services Management

  • Results: SaaS software based on Azure services for easy scalability and integrated with third-party solutions for automated data import.
  • Techs & tools: .NET Core 3.1, C# 8; Angular 10, TypeScript 3.9, NgRx, MobX; Docker, Docker Compose; Istio; Nginx; Grafana, Kiali, Jaeger; Chargify.

Choose Your Service Option

Software development from scratch

Covering all development stages or a chosen part of them in a project or a project pipeline with:

  • Releases each 2-3 weeks.
  • Performance evaluation and reporting weekly and/or monthly.

Software consulting

Consulting on:

  • Project launch.
  • Development optimization.
  • Software enhancement and integration.
  • Software compliance.

Software enhancement with advanced modules

Developing new features/modules for:

  • Advanced analytics and reporting.
  • IoT implementation.
  • Video streaming and teleconferencing.
  • Image and video recognition.
  • AR/VR, and more.

Software integration

  • Designing a reliable integration architecture tailored to your goals.
  • Implementing and testing an integrated solution.
  • Providing after-launch software support.

Software support and modernization

  • Long-term software maintenance.
  • Re-architecting and re-engineering.
  • Migration to the cloud.

Infrastructure setup and optimization

  • Infrastructure design and deployment.
  • CI/CD setup and management.
  • Continuous infrastructure monitoring and improvement.

Get Tangible Gains with Development Services by ScienceSoft

You can expect the productivity and reliability of on-site collaboration while leveraging the major benefits of outsourced development:


reduced development costs compared to in-house development


application availability during development


user satisfaction score

Boost Efficiency of Your Development Process

Consider outsourcing your project to ScienceSoft’s team to deliver software faster while staying in control of the development process.