Outsourcing Services

Software Development for Startups

Software development for startups is aimed at helping young companies translate their disruptive ideas into market-ready software products.

An international software development agency with 32-year experience in product delivery, Vertscend helps startups envision a selling software product and executes its end-to-end implementation at speed, with an eye for scaling and growth.

2-6 months

to build a product ready for market validation


safety from security issues

Up to 99.99%

software uptime


of your focus on marketing, sales, strategic planning

See Your Exact Idea Alive – and Selling

You have an idea. We have the tech knowledge and skills to turn it into software – from initial design to implementation and adoption, keeping the releases frequent and reliable.

Why Vertscend ?

  • Immediate project start.
  • Major releases every 2-6 weeks, minor updates up to several times a day.
  • Clean code and high-quality unit tests.
  • Access to the latest frameworks and language versions, architecture designs, inventions and innovative techs (AI, machine learning, augmented reality, and more).
  • Established Lean, Agile and DevOps culture.

David Frenay, CEO at Emolytics, a provider of an innovative market research platform

Meet Vertscend , Your Reliable Development Partner

  • Full-service software development company.
  • Over 700 employees.
  • Over 3,000 success stories (including projects for Viber, eBay, MTV).
  • 4.8 rating on Clutch.com.
  • 8 years in DevOps consulting.
  • 10 years in IoT consulting.
  • 8 years in big data.
  • Mature quality management, backed by ISO 9001.
  • Robust data security management, supported by ISO 27001.

Why You Benefit with Vertscend

We Make Your Product Future-Proof

We construct software to be:

  • Inherently scalable in request volume and number of users served, due to, e.g., employing scalable cloud resources, such as storage, publish-subscribe messaging, etc.
  • Fault-tolerant to automatically and fast recover from failures.
  • Auditable due to centralized embedded monitoring systems, which allows for quick and easy app recovery.
  • Modifiable to easily adopt updates due to the layered/modular architecture, clear separation of concerns (SoC), standardized APIs, etc.

We Make Your Product Modern

We drive innovation with AI and machine learning, big data, IoT, and blockchain and enable your software to:

  • Forecast and make informed decisions.
  • Understand the image and video content.
  • Empower smart, connected products (devices) and environments.
  • Dynamically learn from experiences and hold human-like conversations.
  • Create personalized customer experiences in real time, and more.

Our Core Techs and Architecture Patterns



Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.





Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.



Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.



Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

Relational databases / data storages

Relational databases / data storages

Big data

Big data

Machine learning

Machine learning











Test automation tools

Test automation tools



Hallmark Product Development Projects

Viber – an Instant Messaging App with over 900 mln Users

Vertscend designed and developed an instant messaging and VoIP app for an ambitious startup.

Our Software Development Options for Start-Ups

Full-cycle product development

  • Idea productization and feature management.
  • PoC
  • Design and iterative development of your product
  • Testing and QA
  • Integrations with third-party systems.
  • Support smooth and safe work.

Product evolution

We take over redesign or further development of your product version or MVP. We start with code and architecture audits and proceed with product improvement and evolution.

Managed product development

Relying on your product requirements, we develop and deploy a scalable, portable, reliable and secure software product ready to enter the market. On demand we:

  • Power the app with advanced capabilities (AI, VR, data science, IoT, and more).
  • Integrate the app with third-party systems.

Need to Fill in Skill Gaps in Your Dev Team?

Vertscend has a pool of 700+ software architects, developers, data architects and data scientists, security and QA experts, integration and DevOps engineers to help you overcome the lack of internal resources or capabilities.

Morten Øien Eriksen, CEO at Enonic, a provider of an innovative CMS platform

Don't Kill Your Idea with the Lack of the Right Tech Expertise

The secret of the hottest startups is a fast product MVP launch and its frequent updates and strong marketing focus. Appropriate outsourcing of expert tech skills and knowledge is what makes it possible.

With Vertscend as your technology partner, you can be 100% focused on strategic initiatives while having a clear product management roadmap and a stable product with sleek UX ready to the market in 2-6 months.

Fuel Up Your Startup Growth!

Vertscend will help you confidently enter the market and stay in the game. Our selected team (BAs, software architects, developers, QAs and DevOps, integration and support engineers) will deliver your software product with max speed, quality and agility.