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SOA Consulting Services | Aligned IT and Business Processes

SOA is a software architectural model of implementing independently deployable, reusable and interchangeable software modules (services).

Vertscend  helps design, implement, support SOA to streamline digital processes, make IT responsive to arising business needs and reduce IT TCO in the long run.

Experience in 30 industries

Healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, etc.

Expertise in multiple solution types

ERP, CRM, financial management and accounting, product life cycle management, equipment utilization, knowledge management, SCM, HER/EMR, HIS, practice management, analytics, emergency & security, smart connected products, etc.

Get Expert Help with SOA Implementation

Vertscend  SOA consultants are ready to assist you in SOA implementation for different goals:

  • Simplified integration of applications within your organization.
  • Simplified software integration with systems of your customers, vendors or partners.
  • Improved speed and reliability of software changes and modifications.
  • Streamlined adjustment and configuration of business processes and activities.
  • Reduced costs of upgrades and new integrations.

SOA Consulting Deliverables You Get

Additionally, you can opt for a small proof-of-concept (PoC) to test and verify the chosen technologies. Vertscend  delivers a PoC in 2-3 weeks.

Why Choose Vertscend for SOA Consulting

  • 22 years in enterprise web development.
  • 9 years of cloud consulting and development of complex applications.
  • 32 years in data analytics, 16 years of data warehousing and BI expertise.
  • Integration and database architects with 7-20 years of experience.
  • Full-scale Project Management Office (PMO) to handle projects of any complexity.
  • DevOps engineers skilled to provide all necessary automation for successful SOA.
  • Ability to comply with HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, and other regulations.
  • A competent security testing team including Certified Ethical Hackers.

Our Tech Portfolio for SOA Consulting

Some of Our SOA Projects

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Learn SOA Implementation Cost Before the Big Leap!

Vertscend  consultants can help you understand the costs of SOA transformation and prepare a cost optimization plan for SOA implementation and maintenance.

Gain a Competitive Edge for Your Business with SOA!

After successful SOA transformation, businesses report to achieve:

Go for Efficient SOA Transformation!

Vertscend  team:

  • Carries out iterative SOA implementation to reduce risks and help you generate business value early.
  • Provides regular reports on project status and progress.