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IT Staff Augmentation Services

IT staff augmentation is a strategy to speed up delivery time or fill in resource gaps by hiring tech talents from an outsourcing vendor. Providing partial and full outsourcing since 1999, ScienceSoft offers services of IT professionals who can be managed by a client or our PM in a dedicated team.

We were helped out by ScienceSoft when we were facing a critical business situation with tight deadlines for product launch, training and customer deliveries. ScienceSoft developers were able to jump in to an unfinished project and finalize everything in a highly professional and efficient way, and right on time. We have been very, very satisfied with ScienceSoft and not only plan to continue with them but also would like to recommend their services for any other challenging software development project!

Jari Salmela, Chairman of the Board / Partner, ID-Import Ltd

What Type of Outsourcing Do You Need?

A vendor’s tech employees temporarily join your existing tech team and are managed by your PM.

Best for: Businesses with existing development teams that face a tight project deadline or skill deficiency.

A vendor’s team managed by a vendor’s PM collaborates on a development project with you or your other vendors.

Best for: Businesses with overloaded/absent tech teams that want to stay highly involved in the project.

A vendor’s team led by a vendor’s PM fully takes over your development project or its part.

Best for: Businesses with overloaded/absent tech teams that want to minimize involvement in the project management.

A vendor’s team led by a vendor’s PM manages IT operations (help-desk, infrastructure, security) of your company.

Best for: Businesses with no in-house IT team wanting a vendor to guarantee stable work of their IT environment.

The Scope of Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

ScienceSoft provides the exact number of qualified professionals you need with the competencies required to streamline your project. We are well-versed in innovative technologies, experienced in Agile, Kanban and Scrum (led by certified Scrum Masters), as well as have in-depth knowledge of over 30 industries.

Key company numbers

50+ developers, 50% of them hold Microsoft  certificates.

30+ developers with 10-year experience on average.

55+ developers, 165+ implemented PHP projects.

40+ developers, 70% of them with 10+ years of experience.

30+ developers, 50+ successful Python projects.

Experience in over 15 Golang frameworks and libraries.

35+ experts, experienced in back-end and MEAN stack development.

100+ front-end & full-stack devs skilled AngularReact.js, and 10+ more JS tools.

10+ React Native developers, 50% are Seniors; expertise since launch year.

10+ developers, 85+ successful Xamarin projects.

50+ devs, key projects include apps praised by Deloitte.

50+ developers, key projects include Viber for Android.

Experts to Complete Your Development Cycle

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27+ consultants with 5-7 years of experience on average.

20+ architects skilled in SQL, NoSQL, and cloud databases.

35+ PMs with 5-8 years of experience on average.

20+ conversion-driven UX experts and UI designers.

5+ data scientists with years of expertise on average.

75+ QA experts & 10+ testing automation engineers.

20+ DevOps engineers with experience in 25+ CI/CD tools.

10+ cybersecurity engineers, 150+ successful projects.

40+ L1-L3 specialists, 25% of them provide 24/7 services.

Double Your Project’s Speed and Cut Costs by 30-50%

With ScienceSoft’s highly experienced experts, you can reduce project costs and benefit from 1.5-2x more rapid development. Our talents deliver more in less time thanks to the agile and CI/CD processes as well as adherence to best coding & time management practices.

Projects ScienceSoft Assists With

Any software type

Of any complexity

  • Large and complex software.
  • Software ecosystems that need 50+ FTE teams.
  • Solutions with strict requirements to performance and availability.
  • Highly secure software.
  • Apps with multiple integrations.
  • Data-intensive applications.
  • MVPs.
  • Libraries, etc.

For all end users

  • B2B software.
  • B2E software.
  • B2C software.
  • Custom enterprise software for internal use.
  • Commercial software products.

Technologies Our Experts Are Skilled In

Advanced Technologies We Employ

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Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Internet of Things

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality


ScienceSoft’s Hallmark Outsourcing Projects

Our Clients Say

How We Set Up Cooperation

24 hours

2-4 working days

Under 1 week

1-2 days

Our Approach to Outsourcing – Q&A

Boris Shiklo, ScienceSoft’s CTO

What tools does ScienceSoft use for setting up communication?

– We use Jira, Confluence, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Slack, and Zoom for communication and day-to-day reporting. When a project requires it, we also set up a secure connection to the customer’s systems through VPN.

How does ScienceSoft ensure progress transparency in dedicated team and full outsourcing models?

– ScienceSoft employs mature KPI metrics (e.g., Lead Time, Cycle Time, Deployment Frequency, Customer Satisfaction, etc.) for tracking progress and regularly share KPI reports with our customers. We also welcome any KPIs our clients specifically ask us to use in a project.

What pricing models does ScienceSoft offer?

– We recommend the Fixed price model for up to 6 month-long cooperation with fixed requirements, T&M for long-term cooperation with a priority on flexibility, and T&M with a cap for long-term cooperation with a priority on cost risk reduction.

Choose Your Cooperation Model

Team augmentation

Ramp-up in under 1 week.
High productivity and proficiency.

Use of best coding and time management practices.

Experience in many development methodologies (Iterative, Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.)
1.5-2x faster development (compared to the average pace of a non-augmented team).

Dedicated team

  • Project kick-off in 1-2 weeks.
  • Dedicated project managers with 5-8 years of experience.
  • 30-50% project cost reduction due to the agile processes, CI/CD, and reuse of custom components.
  • Use of JiraConfluenceMicrosoft Teams, and other tools for regular communication with you or your vendors.

Full outsourcing

  • Project kick-off in 1-2 weeks.
  • Full-scale PMO to guarantee the success of a project of any complexity.
  • In-house consultants in 30 industries for faster onboarding in industry-specific projects.
  • 30-50% project cost reduction due the agile processes, CI/CD, and reuse of custom components.

Industrial solutions

Connected and smart solutions